17 September 2007

1400 Sky Miles later....

This weekend we went back to Muskegon for a long overdue visit. Kelly was incredibly excited to see everyone that she has missed so much since moving here. I was also pretty excited, but I'm sure it paled in comparison. The night started out with a dinner at Mom and Dad Corbin's. Ryan, Angela and Maya showed up as well and we had Musaka... musuka... we'll just call it Mufassa (from Lion King). A great Greek dish that lived up to it's hype; I've been hearing about it for a year.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to see some of Kelly's friends, and that evening we went over to Ryan and Ang's new home near the airport. We had a great dinner and desert. Mind you at this "feed on demand" schedule, I've already eaten enough to allow most large mammals to hibernate for a season or two, so any talk of food hereafter after implies the feeling of being incredibly stuffed.

Saturday morning, we went down to the Heritage landing for the Irish music festival. The "opposite of July" would explain the temperature that day. We huddled in the tent to watch some great live music and gorge ourselves on Irish Stew (again, stuffed!). They also had a great arts and crafts area, and an outdoor stage were we saw an amazing fiddling band. That evening we went to see Katie's new place. She was kind enough to entertain us with a book about a bearded lady and her elephant-man boy friend. I guess you had to be there...

Sunday, unfortunately, was our day to say goodbye. We met at Rafferty's for brunch where we had a waitress who did everything in her power to remind us that tipping was strictly optional. When we asked her for a kids cup for Maya, she brought us a Styrofoam container and offered to stick a straw through it. Her logic was truly mind boggling. We said some goodbye's after brunch, and some more at the airport.

The flight was uneventful, which is the trademark of a good flight. When we got home though, we discovered that Maya had left us a present in our luggage, as you can see on your right.


Dad C. said...

The weekend went way too fast! We miss you guys and are counting the days until the next visit.

Ang said...

thanks for telling your 'story' of our fun weekend, sean.

we loved having you.
so, i'm sure maya will be expecting you to recite that from memory when you return at christmas :)
it seems she thought you needed it??
"the Lord is my shepherd..."


It was too short, but so wonderful to see you both. Can't wait for Christmas! Thanks for ocming to see my place - you are welcome here anytime - Ms. Rubenstein awaits your return.
And Sean, thanks again for putting those pictures on Picasa for me! Seriously made my life easier.
Kelly..love you, it was so good to hug you and see you smile.
Talk soon.. And often..