28 November 2007

Our First Christmas Tree

It looks a bit empty, but I am sure we will get more ornaments over the years to actually fill the tree.

I don't know if it's just me who does this, but I can't stop moving the ornaments around.


Ang said...

Maya likes to move them around too :)

Your tree is beautiful, I wish I could see it in person.

We can't wait to see you. We've got our red flannel pajamas all ready!!



we're getting our tree this week..just can't find my stand(probably shipped it off one of those times..)
I'm the same way with ornaments. and light strings - they always seems to have a bare spot, ever shifting.
I cannot WAIT to see you - the girls are really happy that you'll be here soon.
Love you!

elizabeth said...

And we all missed you! It was so different without you there.

I've been doing well. How have you been? I like reading Sean's writing, it's amusing stuff.


Kelly and Sean said...

Maya, just so you know the presents under our tree are for you and your sister.

Katie, I am so excited that we are coming back in three weeks! I can not wait to give you girls hugs and kisses.

Elizabeth, I am doing great. I miss everyone very much but I love being here with Sean. Yes, Sean is very amusing. He makes me laugh all the time, which I love. I hope in time you will get to know him better.

Love you all!

MandieGirl said...

Isn't it fun putting up your first tree? We had a blast last year! I think that you've inspired me to take a few pictures of mine and post them. Oh, and I would absolutely love to have you over for tea. And I don't even like tea. :) I'd drink coffee or hot cocoa, and we could sit by my fireplace and catch up. Hopefully, one of these days, we'll actually be in Michigan at the same time. :) Anyways, love your tree....

Shawn said...

very nice


it was so wonderful to see you, though no fun at all to say goodbye. miss you already and looking forward to the next time.

MandieGirl said...


I hope that your first married Christmas was wonderful!

Jessie said...

i think it's yet another side affect to the corbin curse.

We write little notes too.