07 February 2009

Happy Winter, Cold, but Happy

I have wanted to post so many times but never knew what to say. Sean and I are so excited about adding on to our family. We can not stop talking about the baby or what our lives will be like from now on. I am scared, excited, nervous, happy and so very anxious about this whole process. I feel so blessed to be able to experience pregnancy.
The past two weeks I have felt great, very tired but no nausea. For a couple weeks before I felt sick all the time and wondered why no one told me that it was a constant thing that you just have to get used to. Thank God it has passed for now.
I have my next doctors appointment on Monday. We will be going over my ultrasound and blood work. The technician who did my ultrasound thinks my due date might be later due to the size of the baby. I can not wait to have another ultrasound. To see someones heart beating inside your body is the most wonderful experience. I am looking forward to being able to hear it!


MandieGirl said...

So happy for you guys!!! Congrats!!

Anne said...

Kelly this is so great, congratulations!!! How far along are you??

Kate Rudd said...
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Kate Rudd said...

I never get tired of these ultrasound pics - can't believe all these months have passed already - you've come a long way, Baby! :)