17 May 2007

The O'Connor's are coming!

Actual Family Portrait ----- >

We're all looking forward to our trip to Michigan for the wedding. In truth, I feel the entire situation has the possibility of erupting into a really bad Ben Stiller sequel - Meet the Corbins - but I'm hoping my side behaves... for once... please!

So here's the plan Stan:
1. Give Shawn and Travis bad directions
2. Spike my sisters drink with Nyquil
3. Hire actors to play my parents

Finally add one teaspoon of olive oil and bake at 350 for 20 minutes, and it's going to be a great wedding!!!!

Seriously though... they all cant wait for August 2nd.. the big day?
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TravisX² said...

You gave somebody good directions????

Shawn said...


If the directions are anything less then perfect...


Nice Picture. I can see the resemblance.

Ang said...

i'm celebrating my success in finding the greatly anticipated o'connor blog.

so...kellyandsean.blogspot.com is not the right place. they like to post multiple pictures of their closet??

once again (this weekend) I was assured of kelly's complete happiness and sean's true love. (...and vice versa)
both of which bring me great joy.

happy honeymoon!

love you both,
ang (for maya and ryan)


happy honeymoon, both of you! all of us send our love..
Katie,Ginger, Willow, and Colleen

Shawn said...

Where are the honeymoon pictures?

Jessie said...

August 2nd ... I'm starting to wonder who's wedding i just went to ... Did i miss something here?!?!?!

Love you guys,