15 June 2007

Illegal Border Crossings

Well, The lovely wife and I have returned from our Honeymoon! It was a great time. I think we enjoyed the ship more than Cozumel however. When we got there, it was 100 degrees.... in the shade... in an air conditioned room even. The cruise was a great time, unfortunately, we found a way to take advantage of all the free food, so now the guilt has laid in. This blog-guy for instance looks as though he may be celebrating his second trimester.

Thankfully, Carnival doesn't charge by the pound!



IT looks like you guys had a great time! I can't wait to see more pics and hear your crazy stories! Love ya, glad you're home safe.. :)

Shawn said...

Glad you two had fun... 100 degrees eh?

I might have died. literally.

Stop by sometime, the place is trashed but your always welcome.