16 June 2007

Shawn uses Cheap Child Labor to conduct House Move

Shawn Schulze, in a shameless display, decided to go with cheap child labor to conduct his home move. As these slides show, only the kids under age 10 are working. All adults were in "supervisory" roles. This reporter for instance had thought he even heard the familiar cracking sound of a whip.

Shame on you Shawn Schulze

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Shawn said...

Thanks for helping out! It was most appreciated!

Great pictures btw. I have stolen some of your pictures for my blog!

I set up the majority of the electronics. It was a cabling nightmare. DVD, VCR, Wii, Battery Backup, Surge Supression, Cable Modem, Router, Surround Sound, Cable Box and I have to add the PS2 still. (Must be like 100 lbs of cables back there)

My computer is almost completely built. It now has sound.

Its amazing how much Duct tape I have gone through so far. *snicker*

Robyn and I brought the desk up from the basement to setup the computers. She and I also lifted that ridiculously heavy TV and put it up in the hutch.

Ryan built and painted a special custom shelf for our TV to sit upon! He even got to use the drill.

Anyways we're still unpacking everyday and the place is a mess. lol.