26 June 2007

My Turn

I thought it might be about time I actually contribute to this blog. Sean has been doing such a great job (except for the wrong order of events), I haven't felt the need to add anything.
We had our party here in CT this past weekend and it was very nice. His family is wonderful, I have been blessed with great in-laws. My parents even came for the weekend. I had been looking forward to seeing them since the day we left Michigan.
On Saturday we took a trip to Mystic. My mom and I enjoyed the shops while the guys tagged along. The weather was beautiful.
Monday morning I followed Sean to meet my parents to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. This time I didn't cry until I got in my car and drove away. This time was worse because I don't know when I get to see them again. I spent most of the day trying not to think about it. Sean came home from work and brought dinner (a whole lobster) and these flowers. He wanted to make me feel better. He did.
Last night we stood in the kitchen and he held me saying I could go home to visit soon. I told him my home is where he is, I just miss my family.


Shawn said...

Isn't Sean a sweetheart?

How was the lobster? I heard you've never tried it before. Are you guys still headed over Sunday?

Kelly and Sean said...

Yes, he is a sweetheart. =)
I have had lobster, just not where I had to work to get it out of the shell. It was fun...I just had to get past the fact I could still see the eyes of the thing and all the yuck inside...other than that..
I think we are coming over, have to check with Sean. Talk to you soon.

Ang said...

happy to 'hear' your voice. when we get back we'll have to Yahoo talk...so Maya can see her Kelly.

We miss you always. We're so glad that you are home, there with your love, but we don't like the distance between us.

MandieGirl said...

I am so glad that we can talk this way! we just were told at work today that myspace is forbidden! yeah! another way to talk! ;) i hope taht you're enjoying the beauty of everything out there....hopefully one day we'll be in michigan together again...i really had fun seeing you last year(i can't believe that it's been over a year!)


thanks SO much for my birthday call..i was at the art fair when i got the message, and you made me smile - i miss you and love you, and can't wait to talk to you this week so that we can catch up!


just thinking about you today, and hoping your first day at the new job(new commute, too) is stress-free and fun! I loved talking with you the other day, let's keep up that habit. :)
I love you!

Ang said...

okay...it doesn't matter whose turn it is now.

SOME-body post something. You are too far away to get away with this kind of update neglect :)

miss you!