14 June 2008


To celebrate our one year anniversary we went to Boston. This was my second trip to this city and I just loved it. Every time I go to a big city I am caught up in the idea of living in one of the beautiful tall buildings, working in some little book store or street flower shop ( I would probably need about three jobs, plus Sean's three jobs to pay for living in a beautiful tall building).

There is just something so romantic about cities.

We stayed at the Marriott Long Wharf.

The view from our room.

The building behind Sean is the outside of our hotel. I think it is supposed to look like a ship.

We went to the New England Aquarium.

Walking around the city.

It is so beautiful at night.


MandieGirl said...


I am SO glad that you get to enjoy Boston. I'm also a little jealous. :) I LOVED visiting Boston when I lived in Mass. I would ride the train in and walk around as many Saturdays as I could. SO fun! It really is a beautiful, beautiful place to be- really, all of Mass. is. I really miss it a lot! You'll just have to keep taking pictures and posting them for me, ok? :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Ang said...

Happy Birthday Sean!!
we miss you!
love, ang, ryan, maya, & sophia

Kate Rudd said...

I missed you SO much this weekend!
And thought about you all Saturday, knowing you were wishing you could be at the Harmson's..I am sorry that wasn't possible for you.

Love you very, very much - let's talk soon!

Ang said...

it is a really good book.

i tried actually reading it a while back, but i didn't get into it enough to finish. listening to it on tape though has hooked me. i'm kindof eager to just drive by myself, anywhere now....just to keep listening.


Anonymous said...

Dad Corbin says -

Updates & pictures....please!