28 May 2008



MandieGirl said...

pretty...is your table from world market? I LOVE it!

Kate Rudd said...

Stop being scary. I seriously bought red paint TODAY after having an uncontrollable urge to paint a wall, any wall, that shocking/wonderful color.


This makes me miss you. You understand red.

Ang said...

I love it. With the red paint, the wood is even more beautiful...so rich and dark.

Sometimes I think about my red dining room.

The little bathroom just isn't quite enough...no matter how long I spend sitting in there wile Maya 'uses' the potty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all. It was a lot of work. FOUR COATS OF PAINT! I think it would have been fine with three..but I am pretty sure I saw lines.

Mandie, we actually got that table at target. Is world market the place with all the specialty food and cool house stuff? I think I have been to the one in Grand Rapids if it's the same place I am thinking of.

Katie, I like to think I understand red. =) But honestly it makes me think of you and Ang for some reason. Maybe because we have talked about it before, or maybe it is because so many things make me think of you guys. Love you both.

MandieGirl said...

yes-that's world market-one of the best stores EVER. (I'm not exaggerating). :)

Ang said...

Happy Anniversary to you,
happy anniversary to you,
happy anniversary dear...'telly sean'

happy anniversary to you!!


maya :)

Redbaerd said...

is it too late to leave some more lovin for the red paint?

We have this antique sideboard and the paint on the inside of the drawers is red. My favorite color of red EVER.

At least on the internet your dining room IS the inside of my dream drawers.