02 May 2008

Long overdue post part 1 of 1

So... at some point we stopped posting. This was because the iMac also doubles as a TV for us to watch movies at night... but I digress. We flew into Grand Rapids early Friday, and were whisked over to Ryan and Ang's to meet Sophie for the first time.

Fortunately, like all other blogs, I realize by now you are looking at pictures, so it doesn't matter what we type here. So here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Saturday, we had the distinct pleasure of attending the wedding of Daniel and Katie Rudd. It was a lovely time (in a way that men are allowed to say lovely). Unfortunately, we were having such a great time that we forgot to take pictures of the event. So were looking forward to getting pictures from others. Later in the week, we visited them at their new house. It's a great house! Large, roomy, and a ton of potential. Kelly and I talked later that there would be FOUR children, all of whom lack a certain level of volume control ( like all kids do). So to say the least, we have their Christmas presents already picked out!

Maya, who is celebrating her 2nd birthday at this moment, has grown considerably. Using 4 syllable words, her vocabulary has already surpassed mine. For instance, here is a picture of Maya teaching the basic fundamentals of reading to Kelly. She even gave me a high-5 when I learned to go potty like a big boy. I even got an Elmo sticker out of the deal.

Finally we returned home to warm weather which has since left us. Our yard, in our absence had bloomed full of different flowers.


MandieGirl said...

Yeah- you're back! Kelly, I keep looking to see if you posted anything, and now you have! I hope you had a fantastic time home-we went back in March, and it all goes too fast.
Anyways, glad you're back!!!

Katie Rudd said...

It was so great to see you(Kelly) today - and meet Bailey! Sean, thanks for the long post - we miss you guys and can't wait for your next visit!