09 March 2008

This Sunday's Home and Garden Tip

Remember: when applying wallpaper, use industrial strength glue just in case the next home owners would rather take it off.

That is all.



There has to be a way to solve this problem with a staple gun.

I started this project in our downstairs bathroom and gave up when it became clear that I was taking off more actual plaster than wallpaper.
We're now thinking of things we could just slap on top of the stuff. Wainscoating, or Goodwill sheets applied with..a staple gun!
or rows and rows of bottle caps applied with a glue gun.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure - I have *no* idea why people put wallpaper up on purpose. ever.

Ang said...

Happy Birthday!!

We'll call later...maybe on our mac?

Ryan and Maya are both sleeping. I'm thinking about joining them :)

love you,


Happy Birthday, cousin! I can't wait to see you soon..

Willow says:
I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Ginger says:
I miss you! Happy Birthday now!

anti-onion society said...

she's here!! can't wait to see you soon..only three weeks.
love you!

Anonymous said...
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Jessie said...

hey sean - waiting "patiently" for the spanish love song video!!