04 March 2008

Bailey on St Patties

When you get a puppy this close to St. Patties Day, you have to give him an Irish name. So, meet Bailey! He fly's into us from his breeder tomorrow, but she was nice enough to provide some pictures ahead of time. In the meantime, this St.Patricks day... um... thing co-stars Maya, Ryan, Nathaniel, and um... some chimpanzee.


Ang said...

love it :)


This is such a relief. I was on the verge of boycotting this blog and all puppies until we got to see Bailey.

Glad to see you're getting the pooch used to flying in preparation for the Michigan flight.

Because you are. bringing. the puppy.

p.s. I can't find your address..there's an invitation with your name on it.
Love you!

Kelly and Sean said...

So good news! Sean is now coming to Michigan in April as well!

Sorry, no Bailey. He is going to be looked after by Aunt Christy. We didn't want to make him fly again so soon.

Love you all and see you soon.

Katie - No need to send an invite, we will be there anyway. =)

Daniel Rudd said...
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rrrr, shared computers...

so that's GREAT news!!
Can't wait to see you both, and not bringing Bailey just creates another incentive for a road trip. :)

i would be hapy to send you an invitation, but if you really don't care neither do i. at the end of the day they're just pieces of paper and i've lost all the sentimentality of our high-school-paper-hoarding days..mostly now i just throw things away because of corbin ocd.
but i digress. the point is....
That's GREAT news!!

love you

libarrylady said...

Your puppy is adorable, but Maya is still the Queen of Cute...the best dancer, too.
I love, love your house.
Will be great to see you in April...

Aunt Colleen