08 March 2008


So... I'm currently dealing with a little competition for my wifes attention. His name is Bailey, he's 12 weeks old and weighs in at 9.5 pounds. Despite my own transgressions, I find it hard to believe that I am less adorable than this little runt who hasn't yet figured out that a kitchen floor is not a toilet. Amongst his other discrepancies, are the thought that socks are a food group, wires are a delicacy, and going outside is for the birds. Furthermore, I believe he is trying to "get me out of the picture.". To do so, he will park right behind me in hopes that I trip and some unfortunate event might occur.

Do not be fooled by his puppy-like demeanor. This guys is dangerous. In fact, I've included a couple pictures so you too will know what to look for and not be fooled as I was.


Daniel Rudd said...

i'm not fooled. i can see it very clearly in his eyes.

i'd sleep with one eye open sean (or in waterproof pajamas)

Beate said...

very cute